Friday, December 21, 2007

Ashlee Simpson and Fashion Poirot News!

Let's start with the exciting news: I want you, my readers, to scroll through the Fashion Poirot archives and nominate what you thought was the worst outfit I ever posted in the comments section of this post. Then, we'll have a special post and a poll to decide the worst outfit of the year, (or, since September, since that's when F.P. started) and the official winner- or, rather, loser- will be announced on Dec. 31!

Now, to business: Ashlee Simpson.

I'll be honest: I don't really get all of the fuss about her. Her style isn't particularly unique, her voice isn't spectacular, and she's sort of generically good-looking. Perhaps I'm a little confused as to why anyone would choose to have cosmetic surgery at such a young age.

Anyway, this outfit is bearable. It isn't horrible. It doesn't burn my eyes. But it does raise a couple of questions. I really have no problem with the jeans, tank, and boots, though I wish she'd gone for a little for color. But arm warmers? No. They're very hard to pull off, and Ashlee just doesn't fit the bill. I think the little scarf could look amazing- with a similarly high-fashion outfit. As it is, she just looks as though she put it on as an afterthought. But it totally contradicts the punk-like, monochromatic, rebellious tank/jeans/boots combo.

Ah well. Happy holidays, everyone! And don't forget those nominees!

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TC said...

it looks good..on if it were on me that would be a whole different freaky story.

Love this blog found the link on just jared.