Thursday, February 28, 2008

Elle Macpherson

Ok. I've read a lot already about how, "This is THE BODY! She can wear whatever she wants!". To which I promptly respond, "This is Fashion Poirot. Nobody is safe." Come on. She's wearing a completely untied black tie around her neck with a sheer white blouse that's almost totally unbuttoned to show her lacy black bra. YOU CAN'T GO OUT IN PUBLIC DRESSED LIKE THIS! This is the sort of sad sight you see every year at the office Christmas party, where someone gets COMPLETELY drunk and, well, you get the drift. The worst part is that Elle doesn't look drunk or confused. Meaning that she willingly put on- or rather, partly took off- this outfit and went to a photo op. Off to prison with you!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Academy Awards Terror: Rebecca Miller

It's taken me a while to work up the nerve to subject my readers' eyes to this terror...but I feel that this sort of crime cannot go unnoticed.

Good god, Rebecca. I like Daniel Day-Lewis- he's just so unusual- and while his shoes are pretty silly-looking, he looks groomed and washed, so I'm letting him off the hook. But...Rebecca. The straps of your gown are large red bows. You have a random, huge flower-shaped adornment hanging from your bosom. And you paired it with black and white striped pumps. I know that some major designer- I don't the remember who- paired their entire collection this season with these exact shoes. But that doesn't make it okay to wear them to the Oscars. Your outfit makes a man wearing brown hiking boots with his tux look stylish. And that's just not right.