Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kate Bosworth

Today, when I was scouting for new fashion victims- or criminals, as I prefer to think of them- I came across this photo of Kate, along with the interesting tidbit that she has heterochromia- in other words, one blue eye and one hazel eye.

That got me thinking, "Maybe she has some other dangerous, undiagnosed eye condition. Like... can't-see-her-clothes-itis, a.k.a. fashion blindness?"

Because I refuse to believe that a sane person with normal vision would willingly go out in public in this. As it so often happens, the concept was intriguing, but the result was disgusting. The little sleeve on her right shoulder looks more like a malignant growth (this post is ending up very medicine-oriented), and the folds across the stomach totally skew her petite, almost-too-thin figure.

I think the material of this dress truly bothers me; it bears an uncanny resemblance to cheap vinyl, the kind that you usually see rotting in sleazy restaurant booths. And although I like her hair, makeup, and clutch, her shoes seem just a tad heavy and aggressive. Or maybe it's just the nasty, cold weather here in Ohio that makes me bitter each time I see some dainty starlet wearing open-toed shoes.

Shoes Basketball from Champs Sports

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