Thursday, November 8, 2007

CMA Terror: Part 1

This is the first post detailing what I can only describe as CMA Terror.

Apparently, Sheryl Crow didn't learn from our past encounter:

At first, I thought that those lazy bastards at had cheated and used an old photo. Then I saw the sign behind her that said CMA.

Ok, Sheryl, let's make this clear. You are not a gothic priestess. You aren't even Avril Lavigne. The wide-legged suit would have looked odd, but the long jacket? The numerous crosses? You're about one step away from boycotting the shower and becoming the third Olsen triplet. Don't do that.


Anonymous said...

She looks gorgeous.

Michelle said...

Terror? She is so pretty and lovely.

Lola said...

I was only commenting on her clothes. I neglected to mention that her makeup is very nice, and that she looks healthy and lovely IN GENERAL. However...yeah, I still can't bring myself to like the clothes.

All the best,

malawika said...

She looks amazing.