Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rachel Bilson

Oh, no! Rachel! You can be so cute sometimes, and yet...

Stop smiling. Seriously. You should be ashamed of yourself. This is fashion week. You can't just knot one of the hotel towels around your neck and call it a dress. Dresses have shape. And even if they are fluid and loose, they drape gracefully. They don't stiffly sag down the front because the odd neck-brace-like contraption at the top is making weird creases. I also take issue with the black stripe on said neck brace. From afar, it looks like a very, very, very obvious bra slip. I hope it doesn't become a fad; Britney-chic is not my favorite look.

Anyway, Rachel, try wearing real clothes next time. You didn't fool anybody. And I am NOT going to mention how cute you look in that color, and how great your shoes and toenails look, and how your makeup is perfect...oh, rats. I just did.

Bridal Jewelry Set from House of Brides


Leeana said...

i totally agree with u! that dress looks like she sewed it herself out of some random cheap curtain somewhere. its sad. i totally thought she's all stylish and shit. guess every celeb has got to go wrong somewhere; sometime. lol.

San said...

whatever you say, dude!
she kinda looks cute to me!