Saturday, October 6, 2007

Courtney Love

I know this photo is a couple of days old, but for this kind of crime against humanity, better late than never:

If this wasn't Courtney Love, it would take me a couple of minutes to figure out. "Is she actually wearing a leopard print coat, skirt and boots? With opaque black tights? And was an actual leopard in the vicinity so offended by her ensemble that it gnashed of the entire hemline of her coat?" I would have asked.

As it is, I'm more amused, especially by the fact that the woman behind her (the one wearing striped black and white tights with booties and what seem to be...capris?) looks as if even she disapproves of Courtney's look. If you can call it that.

Wide Leg Pants from Peace Love World


kab625 said...

Ouch, it hurts my eyes.

Anonymous said...

How could you put Victoria Beckam on the worst dressed list?? She is a fashion Icon.

Paul N said...

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