Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pamela Anderson

Aw, Pam. You never really were one for the whole understated, subtle look.

No, please don't hitch your dress up any higher. It's okay. We get what you're trying to say; yes, you still have legs and breasts. Usually the idea of a cut-out neckline is for a sort of peep-hole effect. But here, the effect is more of Pam cutting out a huge chunk of her dress and draping the excess material around her neck. And gluing on a big tag proclaiming "CHANEL" onto her dress. Because I know all designers come up with some wacky stuff, but they usually refrain from attaching their names to their clothing by way of huge, ill-fitting signs.

In any case, I would hesitate before decisively linking my name to such a fashion monstrosity...but that's just me.

Come back later tonight for the officially worst celebrity outfit of 2007, as chosen by you, the readers.

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