Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sienna Miller

Wow. There's a lot going on here, Sienna.

Grey cap, black leggings (or tights, I hope), tan croc-skin boots, a loud black/orange/silver patterned top, a black bag, and a fur wrap. It's almost bearable in a "so-good-it's-bad" kind of way.

Almost, but not quite. It's just bad. Not even wacky Ms. Miller can get away with this mismatched palette of colors, textures, and confusion.

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Trendinista said...

Either she got dressed in the dark or had a few too many appletini's before going out.

Lola said...

Or maybe she's just screwing with our minds...I often get the feeling that that's the only rational explanation for the crazy things some celebs do!

Anonymous said...

I have to say Sienna ALMOST got it right. A mixture of textures is extremely vogue at the moment, and her bright patterned top goes well with the leggings and boots (I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that in person her cap matches her tights more closely). Her downfall really is only in the jacket - with the other patterns she needed to pair down animal print, and mixing two animal prints, although lauded by some, really IS a faux pas.