Sunday, December 16, 2007


On the old Fashion Poirot, I once mentioned Rihanna's ballerina-gone-dominatrix concert outfit. I'd hoped that particular fashion disaster had been left in the past. Apparently not.

I just don't get it. Why? Why? God knows her songs aren't of the heavy-metal, ridiculously sexed-up kind- at least not all of them. Sexy is one thing, but this is way too much. At least she lost the tutu-like thing she had last time. I could handle the boots and arm warmers, but the corset/bra/hot pants/thing with all of the buckles and just plain disturbing.

And a pity, too, because off-stage, Rihanna dresses beautifully. So I can only assume that she has some wacko, deranged fashion consultant for concert wear only. A word of advice: FIRE HIM/HER IMMEDIATELY.

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Radmila said...

Guys love that crap.

Chai said...

i think she's over sexy dressed in that rock fashion style.. but i love her boots..

Anonymous said...

honestly, she usually has great sense in fashion, but i have to admit that this is way way way too much..makes her look like she was trying too hard. and what's with the hair...i just don't get it