Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lindsey Lohan

I truly feel sorry for Lindsey, more than any other screwed-up celebrity: after all, she's just a girl! My daughter idolized her after the Parent Trap! And rehab, out rehab, drunk driving, cocaine,'s depressing. At least I think- hope- that's she's starting to pull her life back together a little bit.

That's why I no longer feel too guilty to comment on her outfits. Like this:

I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll ever like shiny leggings. Especially these, which look disturbingly like tights from some angles. Speaking of disturbing, is it just me or is Lindsey a little bit orange? Scratch that, she's very orange and it's freaking me out. There should be a law prohibiting people from buying more than 1 bottle of self-tanner at a time; perhaps there would be less Oompa-Loopa look-a-likes in this world.

As a side note, I love her shoes and bag, and have no problem with the shirt. But the hair...don't we have enough troubled Hollywood blonds already?

Mens from Playboy Store


Sunny said...

The wear of her life is starting to show on her face. :(

I agree with your shoe observation-- LOVE the Mary Janes!

Chexed said...

they kind of look like leather too. maybe she's a biker now?

Lola said...

Sunny- Sadly, yes, it is.

Chexed- God, I hope not! She definitely doesn't need more risky habits to add to the list...