Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rumer Willis

Let me get this straight: I hated Rumer's recent short haircuts. I gasped, along with the rest of the sane world, as she bleached it and dyed it and probably sold its soul to the devil, for all I know.

But this isn't much of an improvement. At all.

I've always been fascinated by the magic of extensions, but the whole point is for them not to look like extensions, even if everyone knows that you had inch-long fuzz the day before. These look like the sort of ratty wig remnants that Britney Spears might wear. And come on, Rumer. Can't your parents help you pick out something better? Please?

D.gray Man Cosplay from Milanoo

1 comment:

Radmila said...

OMG...I eat my words.

What is it about her that makes her so masculine?

lumberjack shirt aside...she looks like a guy in every picture I see.
Is it the weight?
She's not heavy...what is it?