Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Temporary Break

I have very sad, but very temporary news. I'm afraid that Fashion Poirot will not have any new posts for the following 2 weeks or so. My husband and child are very ill right now, not to mention that my workload- at my real job- is piling up. So, in the meantime, scroll down for my previous entries, and wish my family well!

I'll be back (as Ahnold would say),


Erina Hart said...

Good Luck Lola! I hope your husband and child feel better soon. You take care of everything. Then, you come back to us. We'll all be here :)

You're in my thoughts!

-Erina Hart

shiera said...

Hope your husband and child would get well soon... and take care of yourself, too.

By the way, sorry I temporarily lost your link in my blog... I changed my template and I actually lost the my blogs list! I hope I'm not missing one out...

Erina Hart said...

I hope your husband and child are feeling better now.

kab625 said...

Lola, I hope all is well. I'll miss your commentaries, but "I'll be back" too.

Write-On said...

Hi Lola!

I hope your family is feeling better soon and may God bless you and yours!
(On The wRite Side)