Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm back!

Finally, my family has recovered, my life is back in order, and I can post again!

There are a couple of changes in the realm of Fashion Poirot. First of all, I have enabled comment moderation, following a quite nasty comment that was anonymously left during my absence. I don't want my blog to take any part in that, so from now on your comments will take a little bit longer to appear.

Also, I'm beginning to plan a feature, perhaps weekly, that will showcase mens' fashion tips, from a woman's point of view. It's still in the development stage, so more on that later...

I'm touched by all of the well-wishes that people have left; thank you for caring. And check back soon for new posts!

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Erina Hart said...

I saw that awful comment. I'm glad you have moderation on now. People like that shouldn't bother posting at all. They're just trying to cause trouble.

I'm glad your family is well again. Welcome back!

shiera said...

Hello and welcome back!
Glad to hear that your family's finally OK. ^-^

I'm looking forward to your entries on men's fashion tips. ^-^

Have a nice week!