Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SAG Awards Terror: Sandra Oh

In the past couple of days, I've read loads about how this is a traditional Korean dress and all. All right. That's cool. But that doesn't make it magically become attractive in the least!

The color combination...the odd material...but most of all, the absolutely ill-fitting pepto-bismol colored bow! The dress is simultaneously dowdy and about to expose her chest completely. Is she pregnant? Seriously? Because everyone's pregnant nowadays, and that's the only reason I can think of for choosing such an unflattering shape of dress. And Angelina totally pulled it off; she looked fabulous in that brownish sheet she wore. But Sandra? Never, ever, ever do this again. Seriously.

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Radmila said...

I'm torn.
The dress is hideous...oh, but I love Sandra....and not because of Grey's Anatomy...LoveHappiness.
I love her *sigh*

Amber said...

I totally agree. When I posted about this dress at The Fashion Police, we got lots of comments from people who seemed to think that because it's a traditional style it's somehow exempt from criticism (in fact, I eventually had to close the comments because people were starting to get really abusive towards each other). I think it's a mistake to assume that traditional dress is always a good look. I don't *hate* this dress, but I do think she's drowning in it, and that something with less fabric would have suited her better. said...

I think you get so much celebrity that at some point you get out of touch with reality and you start thinking you can pull anything off. I get the Korean bow and all, but it's garish and ugly.