Thursday, January 10, 2008

Megan Fox

I'm not particularly counting the days towards the "Sarah Connor..." premiere, but I might watch it. After all, Megan fox is cute, right?

But the outfit...oh, boy. First, the boots. These are very tough boots to pull off; I feel like the color is making them pretty near-impossible to wear. But the dress is bad enough by itself; it's ill-fitting and SHEER. Sheer mini-dresses are always a bad move, especially when you feel a sudden urge to throw on random bangles (why is it shoved up near her elbow?) and cheap-looking beads. Resist these urges, for the good of mankind. However, her makeup and hair is fresh and nice, if a little shiny, but those premieres must be physically grueling, what with all of the posing and walking, so I'll let that slide.

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Candy said...

I agree. I dont understand how someone can mess up that bad. I mean, its fun to take a risk but theres a difference between glamorous and skanky.

Malin said...

Sh'es not only cute, sh'es hot and a really good actress.