Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hayden Panettiere

Now, Hayden is about as cute as you can get, if a little generic, and she has a great, mature sense of style, for the most part.

However, this outfit isn't QUITE right. I think the problem lies somewhere in the white stripe (an underlying tank top?) at the neckline, and the pockets. The former, because it ruins an elegant, simple dress by adding one layer too many, and the latter...because they ironically create a faintly unflattering shape, right next to the headline "Look Instantly Slimmer!". Well, I hope that wearing tight pencil skirts with large front pockets is not one of the phenomenal tips.

Kids - Tops Women's Boots from National Jean

1 comment:

Fashion Zealot said...

The outfit is just downright ugly, she looks cute though. I guess the smile did it.