Monday, January 7, 2008

Kate Bosworth

Besides finding it marginally amusing that Kate will soon star in a film titled "Laundry Warrior", which is apparently a pretty serious flick, I was confused by her outfit here.

I mean, why? Her shirt is perfectly lovely, yet she had to embellish it with those bizarre metallic bead things? And god, the sunglasses. Those are too cheap and tacky for a TODDLER, much less a sophisticated Hollywood trend-setter like Kate. I'm very disappointed, young lady...

Shoes Walking from Champs Sports

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Marleaux said...

I like those buttons, but not on that shirt, or on the shoulders. Maybe as an addition to an oxford.

But those glasses look like the ones I bought my one year old nephew, so he would stop taking my Gucci's out of my purse. He eventually broke my Gucci's anyway.