Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy 50th Post, with Rachel Bilson

First off: I'm very happy to report that this is Fashion Poirot's 50th post. I'm extremely proud that Fashion Poirot turned out to be the little blog that could- despite of all the obstacles. So thank you, readers- for reading!

And who better to help us celebrate this joyous day than Rachel Bilson?

I must admit, the comparison isn't exactly working out for her. I probably would never have noticed her outfit, if she hadn't been standing next to the just-as-petite and just-as-sparkly, yet immaculate, Kristen Bell. Kristen balances all of her proportions perfectly and makes her legs look miles long. Also, it's refreshing to see a sparkling holiday dress that's actually dress-length, as opposed to tunic- or shirt-length.

I like Rachel's top (and hair, and makeup, and slim figure, and guest spot on Chuck)...but her pants are too long. They're not stylishly long, they're just way too long. When Katie Holmes wears too-long pants, she looks like she needs a tailor. However, when women of shorter stature, such as Rachel, wear too-long pants, they look like they accidentally forgot half of each leg at the bus stop one day. If that makes any sense at all.

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