Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rachel Bilson

Hey, Rachel, what's the matter? You're very cute and all, but that does not mean that you can wear something like this without raising some serious questions.

Serious questions, like "Is that a really badly designed dress, or did she just randomly wrap herself in two complimentary pillowcases and belt them together, and hastily add some dollar-store bangles as jewelry?"

Sadly, I think the "badly designed dress" option is more likely, unless that girl has a lot of faith in the staying power (or rather, staying-decent-power) of loose, drape-y, unconnected things. At least her shoes are nice.

Bridesmaid Dresses from House of Brides


Taylor_Blue said...

I can't believe how much I hate that dress...some people must be blind??

Lola said...

Phew, I'm glad you agree- I just saw Go Fug Yourself, a similar blog, call this dress "well-played"!