Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Lauren Conrad

For once, I can honestly say that this isn't her fault at all, because it's a photo shoot. But I just had to share this monstrosity:

Is she seriously wearing a floppy, loose, terry-cloth self-belted romper over a bikini top? Are my eyes deceiving me? No, they are not. This wretched thing looks even worse in the other pictures; in one photo where Lauren's sitting down, she looks extremely bloated. Or pregnant. Maybe she's trying to start rumors in order to promote her show. (That's kind of clever, actually). But, seriously, you couldn't force me to wear this if my life depended on it. Really.

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1 comment:

kab625 said...

I dont know though....she lools comfortable and that's not all bad. I think this time she should get a slight break assuming it was totally leisure time.