Saturday, January 19, 2008

Erykah Badu

I've already heard a lot about how this girl has her own, signature style. How she's lovely and unique and all of that wonderful stuff.


I'm all for standing out and not fitting in, but as a member of the fashion law-enforcement community, I can't commend her to this. Seriously. The hair! It's eating her head! There's got to be enough hair there to make at least 100 nice, respectable wigs. And the glasses. I'm pretty sure Erykah (did I spell that right?) has a lovely face underneath everything, but it's rather hard to tell. The sweater's kind of cute in a demure way, but the leggings must go. Honestly. If Lindsay Lohan can't pull them off, I'm pretty sure nobody can.

(I do strangely like the shoes, but I think that's a little off-topic.)

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Radmila said...

Clowns are scary

chai said...

How can she manage that hair style?..

Lex10 said...

That's an Erykah Ba-don't