Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nasty Comments

I'm really sorry that I have to mention this, but recently there have been several nasty, personal, offensive comments popping up. Anonymously, of course. Although I moderate all comments, these messages are truly hurtful and unkind. (Before I turned on moderation, one suggested that my family's illnesses were a godsend, because I'd finally shut up.). I understand that not everybody's going to agree with a merciless humor blog, but I would like to suggest that if you truly cannot stand my blog and are not being forced to read it! I love hearing honest opinions- if you disagree with my critique, please comment about it! I'm addressing this post only to the posters of hateful comments who don't even mention fashion or clothes. For my awesome, nice readers- that would be most of you!- I'm sorry for this interruption. The truth is, if the bad comments continue, I might have to disable comments completely. And I don't want to do that! (This happened to one of my favorite blogs, Go Fug Yourself...for at least a year now, comments have been disabled completely.)

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Face Natural said...

It's a shame some people take the low road. Take it as a sign of success as people generally get jealous of success.