Sunday, November 4, 2007

Leighton Meister

I have never watched Gossip Girl, and don't really plan on doing so. Yeah, my teen loves it, and it's been hailed by critics (well, sort of), but I just don't see why I should care about snobby, bitchy New York teens.

Unless, of course, they wear stuff like this on the show:

Did her stylist drink some of that- Roberto Cavalli vodka? No, that can't be right- that's being advertised behind Leighton? This is a nightie. Lingerie. Sheer, sexy stuff, that's either been cruelly shredded by an angry Victoria's Secret employee...or has gotten into a fight with said employee's pet. A pet that sheds a lot of fur. And no, the fact that her shoes may or may not be kind of cute in a futuristic kind of way does not excuse this. I don't care if her boyfriend has a sexy-Big-Foot-costume fetish*. Save our eyes.

*I have never actually seen a sexy Big Foot costume, nor have I ever met anyone with a fetish for them. But I assume this would be very close to their ideal.

Shoes Lacrosse from Champs Sports

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Sarita said...

I think she looks beautiful. Although I do not think the shoes compliment the dress. I have yet to see her in something I did not think she had the grace, beauty adn confidence to pull off.