Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Debra Messing

Ah, irony. Poor Debra's last name makes her so terribly susceptible to puns and cracks about "Messing is messy!" and the like.

But really, when somebody leaves the house looking like this, they're just asking for it:

Once again, this is so bad, I don't even need to say much. The dress. Even JustJared described it as "one size fits all". The flip-flops I can grudgingly excuse- they are easy to slip off at the airport. But the turban?! It's almost as if she was purposely screwing with airport security, hoping that sometime today we would see a headline proclaiming "Debra mistaken for homeless bum at LAX" or something like that. Don't try it again, Debra. Please. Save our poor eyes.

Ring Ruby-rings from Angara


kab625 said...

I guess "Karen" was right about her totally awful wardrobe.

Radmila said...

...that's where my guest room bedspread went!